Fostering Friendly Neighbourhood Connections

HCA Projects

The Haysboro Community Hall was built back in the early 1960's, by a dedicated group of volunteers who saw the need to have a place to meet for social and recreational events.

Over the years the Haysboro Community Facilities have been evolving.  We no longer have Squash Courts, but have a lovely extended Lounge area and Classroom.  

Every five years the City of Calgary requires that the HCA does a 'Life Cycle Study' of the building and outside facilities.  This study is done by an engineering firm and is the basis for facility maintenance and repairs that we can apply to the city for funding for.

The HCA also makes other improvements and upgrades to the building and amenities that are outside of the 'Life Cycle Study', but that the Board feels are necessary to increase value to renters and other users.

Haysboro Community Hall 1204 - 89 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2V 0W4     403-253-1563  

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