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Haddon Rd South

Feedback from Engagement Session on October 21st:

During presentations:

- Wondering about engagement: when did it happen? When will it happen?  o Majority of attendees did *not* hear about it from the Horn. Concern that things in the Horn are all in the past. 

- Concerned over playground priority:

o North Haddon Road near apartment building, many low income families live there

o Is it underused because it’s in poor shape or because it lacks appeal? Will redoing it result in use that justifies the cost?

- Lack of knowledge of what a pump track is

o Once clarified, seemed to be ok

- Desire for amenities for adults:

o Walking path around park

o Adult fitness equipment

o Picnic tables/seating

Following presentations/feedback forms at time of event:

- Strong support for pump track concept

- Strong support for relocating playground to west end of park

- Majority of respondents indicated they have children aged 2-5

- Swing (all playground designs) had strong support

- Concern over noise: “noise factor” was all that was listed (Park N Play form)

o Unclear if this was a concern with a specific component or overall park plan

- One feedback form listed “very simple/boring” (Playworks Option 1 form)

o Unclear if this was a concern with a specific component or overall park plan

- Build on the feel/energy of the Natural Playground, open movement/play in this space

- Provide a place for teens to be: “ones we can’t see are at the most risk”

- Regardless of designer, try to create a “circuit” rather than a linear play experience in playground

Specific design feedback: Park N Play

- Accessibility, special needs appeal

Specific design feedback: Habitat/LSI

- Spinning elements, climbing components

Specific design feedback: Playworks Option 1

- Lower cost compared to Park N Play & Habitat

- Less climbing components

- 2 respondents listed this design as their favourite

Haddon Road South


Didn't get your feedback in?

Here is the presentation from Saturday October 21st Community Engagement Session

Feedback form

Communuity Hall Natural Playground

Phase 2 Construction is underway

October 16-November 6, 2017

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