Fostering Friendly Neighbourhood Connections



Skill Development

Children participate in a variety of structured and open-ended learning experiences that allow for individual development.

  • Social skills such as getting along, sharing and taking turns are fostered during circle time, snack and playtime.
  • Intellectual and language skills such as recognizing their name in print, counting, colours, shapes and vocabulary are focused on during circle time and at centers.
  • Teachers help children develop emotional skills by expressing feelings and talking about interactions with peers.  Emotional responses are stimulated by a variety of classroom experiences.
  • Gross motor skills are practiced during dancing and indoor and outdoor physical play.
  • Fine motor skills are used at craft times and at building and manipulative centers.

Our Classroom

Our room is bright and cheerful and located next to a greenspace and playground.  We have an open environment, set up to accommodate basic activity centers. Children are allowed to choose freely between activities. Activity centers include dramatic and domestic play, books, building and construction, arts and crafts, transportation and animal toys, and puzzles.    

Our teachers develop themed units throughout the year about various topics within science and nature and human relationships.  Special activities that take place throughout the school year include and skating party, bicycle parade, field trip to the zoo, a Christmas performance and a year end performance and celebration.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about young children, university trained, experienced and loving. We believe in an open environment where parents are involved and where children can learn at their own pace.

Allison Rau-Dobson, B.Ed.
Allison graduated with a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta in 1995, majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Language Learning. After graduation, she worked as a substitute teacher until 1998 teaching kindergarten through grade 6. She then taught reading resource and grade 3 for four years. Allison began her involvement with Haysboro Community Preschool in 2006 when her oldest child joined the three year old class. She served on the board for five years acting as Chairperson and has been active as a volunteer with our preschool as well as with her children’s elementary school. As Allison’s youngest child was finishing preschool this spring, she was invited to join our teaching team. 

Kerry Urban, M.Ed.
Ms. Kerry Urban received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 1996. She started as a substitute teacher with the Calgary Board of Education in 2000, and at the end of that year began at a K-12 school serving special needs students and their families. During this time Kerry was nominated for and became a semi-finalist for the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Awards and spent many years as a Learning Leader on the school administration team. She earned a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Alberta in 2011. After the birth of her third child, also in 2011, Kerry chose to leave her full time Learning Leader position and work closer to home and with the young learners in Haysboro

Teacher Schedule

Allison Rau-Dobson        Monday to Friday – morning class                              Kerry Urban        Monday to Thursday – afternoon classes

                           Morning classes: 8:45 am to 11:00 am                                               Afternoon classes:   12:45-3:00 pm 

Preschool Early Intervention Services

Starting in the Fall of 2019, the Haysboro Community Preschool will be working with the Lead Foundation to provide Early Intervention programming for our students.  For more  information:



For more details about the program, see our Preschool Handbook or contact us:

Haysboro Community Hall: (403) 253-1563 or in person 10:30-5:30 (M-F)


Haysboro Community Hall 1204 - 89 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2V 0W4     403-253-1563  

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