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What is the HCA Planning Committee all about?

The Haysboro Community Association Planning Committee was created to help steer the creation of a community plan being created with assistance from the University of Calgary's faculty of Environmental Design.  This community plan will guide development within Haysboro to achieve a vision of a more livable and vibrant place to live, work and visit.  The proposed improvements from the plan will help to prioritize projects and will provide direction for future redevelopment.  After completion of the community plan, the committee will continue to seek input from residents and businesses on specific projects as they proceed from planning to design, and ultimately construction.

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The HCA Planning Committee (Sonja, Steven, Kourtney, Jon and newly added Don & Nancy!)

Upcoming events

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We encourage all residents to comment on Development Permit applications and to cc the HCA as well as Councillor Farkas. That way we’re all sharing information - and if any concerns are raised by residents that we weren’t aware of its important to revisit our position in light of new info. 

Planning Committee Initiatives

  What we have our eye on....

Eugene Coste/St, Gerard's traffic snarl

Changes to Community Association Model

-May 9 went to the FCC Monday Matters. We spoke about the community representation framework taskforce. There is more engagement to come

Revitalizing Public Spaces

-May 11 - talk from Janette Sadiq-Khan around revitalization of public spaces, creating bike networks, establishing BRTs and basically fighting for our streets from a pedestrian/cyclist realm.


-May 16 - panel discussion around cycling which touched on topics of safety and equality (especially through a gendered lens).

Southwood Rd/Haddon Rd

-May 22 - Myself, Jon, Elspeth, Greg (resident), Keith Simmons (acadia past pres), Amanda Taffs (Southwood traffic), Jenna (NPC), Ezra Wasser (city planning), Jeromy Farkas, and Chris Carlille all walked from Southwood Crossing (Safeway) to Haddon Road Playground. We went to Elspeth’s place to get the bird’s eye view, saw the garbage and potential for an urban park, explored the pedestrian connections, spoke with staff at the roads depot, and went to the playground.

Kerby Center at YMCA

-May 24 I went to the Kerby AGM. They are continuing talks with the city regarding the parcel of land at Heritage/Horton. It’s about 2.5 acres, they may be subdividing w/ city and only taking about 2/3 of the space. Will continue to work with Kerby to provide support. Will likely go to council in June of this year.


Cannabis Stores

Update October 9

Just an FYI, for those who haven’t been following the ever evolving retail cannabis story, as of today we are just 12 days away from cannabis legalization and yesterday the AGLC announced there will be only 17 cannabis stores in Alberta open for the go-live legalization date. Of the 17 stores only 2 are in Calgary. Pretty low execution; one part due to a delay in inspections but also due to appeals on a municipal subdivision appeal board level.

Of the 2 stores being opened on the 17th of October, one is in Haysboro (420 Premium Clinic at the previous Pet Valu in Southland Crossing) and the other in Willow Park less than 2km away. Given these two stores will be servicing basically all of Calgary and the surrounding area for at least the first little while we may be seeing a large influx on consumers visiting Southland Crossing. Consumers can also order online, but they’ll definitely be a healthy consumer base preferring brick and mortar.

Just an FYI, the City of Calgary will be maintaining a map of Cannabis Store applications that anyone can access here: 

It's pretty intricate as it includes buffer zones (schools, hospitals and emergency shelters), locations where stores are already a permitted use, and where applications are pending, under review and approved. There are also liquor store locations; basically a cannabis store can't be immediately adjacent to a liquor store which is why these locations are shown (a different approved use must separate them). A last note on this, landscaping would likely not be sufficient to separate a liquor store from a cannabis store, but a roadway would.

A few other good-to-knows:

  • Relaxations can be requested as part of the application process, however maximum relaxations for schools and emergency shelters is 10% (15 metres).
  • The development authority should not approve a Cannabis Store within 10 metres of a Child Care Service.
  • Cannabis stores should be at least 300m from another cannabis store to avoid clustering, but this can also be relaxed when considering things like the degree of actual physical separation & accessibility as well as the overall number of stores in an area.
  • Cannabis stores are still discretionary uses, so there will always be an appeal opportunity for communities and their residents.

Secondary Suites

Older projects - but still on radar

EVDS Information

Here is the information from the U of C report. These links will download the files to your computer to look at.

Full Report




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