President's Message (June 2021)

Saturday, June 05, 2021 5:11 PM | Anonymous

It seems that we are still status COVID qou. As I write this on May 6, we are again in a new level of restrictions with no firm end in sight. I can tell you how discouraged, frustrated, angry, and sad I am, but it’s a broken record on repeat and I know people are feeling the same. I can only hope that the end is near and we can finally begin to move forward.


Speaking of moving forward, we have come to our association’s year-end. Of course COVID and the restrictions dominated this past year and hindered any normal operation by all stretches of the imagination. But I must be grateful that we made it through the year.


This past year was one of maintenance. Maintaining the operation of the HCA and board as best we could. Maintaining our pre-school. Maintaining any programs as allowed. Maintaining the access to the community centre for our renters as best we could. The list goes on. As we plan our year end, I can say that without Diane at the community centre, our preschool teachers, parents, and committee, our community centre users, the work of our board, and especially those in the community we would be in a very different place. Our budgeted shortfall this year was minimized because of this hard work and those dedicated people who helped, and used our community centre during this crazy time. The association remains in a good standing to carry over to next year.


A second thing to reflect on is community. There were some bright lights in our community that helped us smile during the times we needed it this past year. By bright lights, I mean the people of Haysboro. We had so many volunteers step up: from the ice rink crew, those that organized various events (the Haysboro scavenger hunt, Halloween, COVID companions, and so many more), and those who donated to our rink fund and tennis courts (by the way the tennis court donation is ongoing. Please visit to learn more). These are people who, by their own initiative, took it upon themselves to donate, organize, and host these successful events and programs. While the HCA Board provides oversight and guidance to general operations, it is our volunteers and community members who truly create the community we know. Thank you!


With the end of this HCA year, we move to next year. Our AGM will be at the end June, so please watch for the date and time. And please engage by attending to get a sense of the HCA operations, or engage with us to see how you can help. We are encouraged by our community and know that next year will be better.


If you are interested in helping move our community forward, we would love to meet you!. Please contact Diane at the office and she can put you in touch with us.


Stefan Bell

Haysboro Community Association

1204 89th Avenue SW.   Calgary, AB. T2V 0W4.



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