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Wednesday, December 09, 2015 3:09 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

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I’ve heard a lot of questions and concerns on the Southwest (SW) Transitway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)project. My office is in close contact with the Transit Team as well as Community Associations as this project progresses. I want to take the opportunity to address some of the misinformation currently in circulation. Please read below, and my FAQ Sheet on the SW Transitway BRT.

Project Information

 The SW Transitway is about improving transit for SW Calgary communities. I put forward the Notice of Motion to address the communities south of the Glenmore Reservoir that are significantly underserved by transit. I have been talking about this project throughout the communities for the past five years, as this is a solution towards getting people out of SW Calgary in a more effective and efficient way, whether you take transit or not.

 The project is not widening or expanding 14thStreet. It will remain a six lane arterial roadway, with the same speed limits. The SW BRT project is about reconfiguring 14th Street so that busses will be out of traffic. The project is within the existing road right of way. No parks will be impacted; however, some grass boulevards will be impacted, as they are in the road right of way.

 The project is scheduled to begin construction in 2016 and is expected to take two years to build, connecting Woodbine to the Downtown. There are no parking lots, park n’ rides, or bus depots planned along the route.

 The transitway anticipates removing up to 10,000 vehicles from the 14th Street corridor leading to a decrease in noise and air pollution. As well, the City is purchasing natural gas buses which will further reduce air pollution not just on the 14th street corridor, but across the city.

 The Ring Road is designed as a car and truck route to bypass southwest Calgary, and as such will not have transit on it. It won’t do anything towards improving transit for SW Calgary. So, the SW Transitway and the SW Ring Road are serving different people and meeting completely different needs and demands. They are complementary to each other.


 When funding was secured in September, the Transit Team was able to move forward with more engagement and the detailed project design. In this phase of work, the Transit Team is and will continue to engage with stakeholders. They are taking away this information and working to incorporate it into the detailed designs plans.

Next Steps 

 The Transit Team will hold more information sessions in Q1 of the New Year. As we receive further information and updates, we will be sure to share it with you. Subscribe to Ward 11 updates to stay connected



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