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Monday, January 09, 2017 12:19 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

Dear Haysboro ,


Yesterday, The City mailed out over half a million Assessment Notices. The 2017 property assessments reflect the market value of a property on July 1st, 2016 and its physical condition on December 31st, 2016. The 2017 business assessments reflect the typical net annual rental value of business premises on July 1, 2016.


Annual market value assessments are legislated under the provincial Municipal Government Act.  The assessment process is how property taxes are distributed among all property owners to meet The City’s budget needs to pay for services all Calgarians benefit from like police, fire protection, transit, parks, recreation and more. Please note that business tax bills are mailed out in February, and property tax bills in late May.


Please review your assessment carefully. You can do so online by logging into Assessment Search at Online, you can access details on your property to review the accuracy of the information The City has on file, and compare your assessment with other similar properties in your area to ensure your assessment is fair and equitable. You may also conduct more in-depth assessment research and can access sales, community and property reports.


The Customer Review Period is from January 5th to March 6th, 2017. If you have any questions about your assessment, please contact 403-268-2888. Changes can only be made to your 2017 Property Assessment during the Customer Review Period.


Please note that The City is eliminating the Business Tax in 2019 through a gradual transfer of the business tax revenues to the non-residential property tax. Business owners will see an approximate 20 per cent decrease in the 2017 business tax rate due to consolidation. Non-residential property owners will see an estimated additional 4.6 per cent increase in their 2017 non-residential property tax rate. Consolidating the taxes into a single, easy to understand real estate-based assessment and tax system for non-residential property owners will make Calgary more competitive and attractive for business. Please note that Business Tax Consolidation will not impact your property/business assessment nor will it be reflected on your assessment notice. It will not increase the amount of revenues collected by The City.




Brian Pincott
Councillor, Ward 11
The City of Calgary

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