Privacy Policy

The HCA only collects the personal information needed to run its operations and serve its members and customers. Any information collected in the membership and registration system we use is treated as confidential and only used for the purposes of servicing our customers. We DO NOT sell or pass on your personal information to any third party organization.

 The kinds of information we collect in order to process memberships and run programs are:

·       Name

·       Business name (for business memberships)

·       Email address (it acts as your username for the online registration system)

·       Phone number

·       Home address / community

We collect this information to run our programs and services effectively and efficiently, and in order to provide customer support to our members and users. All personally identifiable data collected is treated as confidential.

 The other kinds of information we may collect relate to:

·       Safety of program participants

For example, we may ask if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of, and ask for an emergency contact, should you injure yourself while participating in a sports program.

·       Your interests and opinions

For example, we may ask you what types of community programs you would like to see, or we may ask what concerns you have about your community; in order to help with our community and program development. We may ask you what types of volunteering you may be interested in, and ask if we can contact you if these types of volunteer positions come up.

·       Images

Photographs may be taken at some events or during programs to use in our community newsletter, on our website or social media feeds, or used for future promotion of events and programs. You will be advised of this prior to registration, in the waiver, and at the time of the event. You are given the opportunity in advance to remove yourself from the area photographs are being taken, or request that identifiable photographs of yourself, or family members, are not used. However, please note the HCA cannot be held liable for the use of photographs taken by any members of the public at public events.

 What we don’t collect:

We do not collect credit card details or payment information. All data entered into the membership and registration system is collected by an encrypted payment system, which is protected by MONERIS and used only to process your payments. The transaction information is made available to us only in a limited format, with only enough information that we can assist customers with refunds or transaction errors, and record financial transactions for accounting purposes.

For more information about how the security of your payment information is protected, please visit:, or ask your credit card provider.

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