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Civic Affairs Committee

YOUR Haysboro Community Association receives Development Permit applications from the City of Calgary to review and to provide comments from Community Association perspective on:

  • ·         Strengths and challenges of the proposed development.
  • ·         Changes that could be made to the proposed development to make it compatible or beneficial to the area
  • ·         Proposed use, site design and building design including height, privacy, parking, landscaping, vehicle and pedestrian access

Type of application being reviewed by the Community Association:

  • ·         Change of Use (with relaxation of parking, location in the building, use rules etc.)
  • ·         Secondary Suites with relaxation
  • ·         Accessory Residential Buildings (i.e. detached Garage) with relaxation
  • ·         Change of Use (Place of Worship, Medical Clinic) with relaxation proposed.
  • ·         Child care Service and Home Based Child Care
  • ·         Digital Massage Sign or Digital Third Party Advertising Sign
  • ·         Home Occupation Class 2
  • ·         Liquor Store
  • ·         Outdoor café
  • ·         Restaurant, Drinking Establishment, Night Club
  • ·         RV in Front Yard
  • ·         Secondary Suite or Backyard Suite
  • ·         New Single Detached and Semi Detached Dwelling
  • ·         Addition to Single Detached and Semi Detached Dwelling
  • ·         Bed and Breakfast
  • ·         Special Function Class 2
  • ·         Addition to Commercial or Industrial Building

Development Permits that are a Permitted Use and don’t require relaxations under the Land Use Bylaw are not circulated to the Community Association. Community Association does NOT approve or reject applications; only provides comments to the proposed development.

If you are interested in joining Haysboro Civic Affairs Committee please email: 

Ward 11 Town Hall Schedule

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All Ward 11 residents welcome

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