Accountability and Liaisons:

  • Elected by and accountable to the members of the Community Association.

  • Reports to the President.

Position summary:

As a member of the volunteer Board of Directors, a Director-at-Large is responsible for furthering and implementing the direction established by the Board through active participation in Board activities.

Job requirements:

  1. Commitment to the work and strategic direction of the C.A.

  2. Knowledge of board governance and demonstrated leadership skills. .

  3. Support of and participation in special events organized by the Community.

  4. Willingness to serve on committees when required

  5. Attendance at meetings of assigned committees.

  6. Attendance at monthly Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

General Duties:

  1. Serves as an active member and representative of the Board of Directors.

  2. Participates in all Board development and training opportunities, which includes helping to establish a strategic direction and vision for the community’s future.

  3. Support of and participation in special events and activities organized by the Board of Directors and its sub-committees.

  4. Undertakes special one-time projects or ongoing projects for the community with the approval of the Board of Directors.


The Director-at-Large is accountable to the membership and is elected for a two- year term (renewable for 2 terms maximum) at the Annual General Meeting. A Director-at-Large may be released at the end of the elected term or by resigning according to the bylaws.


  • Establishment of a strategic plan and direction for the Community.

  • Progress shown in successfully implementing this plan in the future.

  • Feedback from other members of the Board as well as increased interest and involvement shown by the community.

Haysboro Community Association

1204 89th Avenue SW.   Calgary, AB. T2V 0W4.



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