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What is the HCA Planning Committee all about?

The Haysboro Community Association Planning Committee was created to help steer the creation of a community plan being created with assistance from the University of Calgary's faculty of Environmental Design.  This community plan will guide development within Haysboro to achieve a vision of a more livable and vibrant place to live, work and visit.  The proposed improvements from the plan will help to prioritize projects and will provide direction for future redevelopment.  After completion of the community plan, the committee will continue to seek input from residents and businesses on specific projects as they proceed from planning to design, and ultimately construction.

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The HCA Planning Committee (Sonja, Steven, Kourtney, Jon and newly added Don & Nancy!)

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Planning Committee Initiatives

1. The 2017/18 Partners-in-Planning FCC/City of Calgary program begins Saturday October 14th 9:30-noon at the Winston Heights CA. Registration is free and can be done through the Federation of Calgary Communities website. I highly recommend members of the planning committee enroll in this workshop series – 3 core workshops and 1 elective to get your certificate. 

2. Attended Calgary Planning Commission for Southland Crossing Application.

3. Attended a 14th St Ped Bridge update meeting on July 27th . 

4. Attended a meeting with City of Calgary planning team, RioCan, Urban Systems, to learn and ask questions about the Southland Crossing Land Use amendment application and the proposed Direct Control District.

5. Sonja, Kourtney and Elspeth presented on the Southland Crossing Application at City Council mtg on August 1st . - see below

MacLeod Trail Coalition

Once the election is passed we will continue our work with our coalition. Meeting with interested parties to look at the Southland LRT and Southland Crossing area in particular. This would include the Southland Dr Road Bridge over the LRT/CPR tracks and the lack of ped/bike connectivity and access to green space in this TOD area. Deb Hamilton and Kevin Froese from City South Planning have reached out to us – they would like to do a tour of RioCan’s Brentwood Site as well as the Southland Site. Also, on our to-do-list is to create a Macleod Trail Business Survey, goal to make businesses aware of CA’s, try and identify ways to meet each others needs.

ATCO Work on HCA Site 

ATCO construction is behind schedule. No update on when the community field and parking lot will be ripped up and lower pressure gas line installed. 

Transit Route 3 becomes 37 

Changes to route 3 south of Heritage Station into Fish Creek Park went in to affect this summer. No engagement or heads up were given to the CA. This needs to be communicated to the city as how to do better in the future. Would be great to invite Calgary Transit to do a presentation and take feedback on the new changes.

Southwood Corner 

Invite from Southwood CA to our board to attend an info session on Thursday September 28th from 7-7:45pm at the Southwood Community Hall on the proposed development of Southwood Corner site (Tim Horton’s strip mall area). ‘I wanted to inform you that we will be hosting Sable Development and their architect, Rick Balbi on Thursday, September 28 at 7pm as they present the conceptual plans for the development they are seeking to complete at Southwood Corner.‘ 

Elbow and 89th Ave Resident Concern 

Hi Kourtney and Sonja, I trust that you are well. First, I want to thank you for serving on the board of the Haysboro Community Association. Your time and effort working on behalf of Haysboro residents is greatly appreciated. As a volunteer in other organizations myself, your commitment is not taken for granted. I’m sure this is on the radar of the community association, but I want to voice my concern about the safety and ease of access of the Elbow Drive/89th Avenue intersection. I’m not sure it’s necessarily a problem that has become worse recently, but it seems that the intersection is in need of a safer solution. As you know, there are usually cars parked on both sides of 89th Avenue right at Elbow Drive. This impedes traffic trying to turn right onto Elbow Drive and restricts those turning right off of Elbow Drive onto 89th Avenue. Often, when turning right off of Elbow Drive onto 89th Avenue, it is nearly impossible to squeeze by parked vehicles on the north side of 89th Avenue (westbound). When St. Gerard is in session, the problem becomes more acute. When snow is piled on the sides of the street, the problem is further exacerbated. I am concerned about the safety of pedestrians and the ability of emergency vehicles to access west Haysboro in a time of need. I am curious as to whether parking could be restricted on a portion of 89th Avenue (near Elbow) on one or both sides of the street so that the thoroughfare is wider, and thus safer. I know this would present some challenges, but I feel that this would be in the best interests of area residents. I welcome your thoughts or comments. Again, thank you both for all you do! 

Address to Council

Land Use Amendment – Southland Crossing Your worship, councillors, city staff. My name is Kourtney Branagan and I am the president of the Haysboro Community Association. Read More...

Address to Council

Your Worship, Councillors, City Staff. My name is Sonja Sahlen. I am here today to speak on behalf of the Haysboro Community Association. I am the Director of Planning & Development.   Read more...

EVDS Information

Here is the information from the U of C report. These links will download the files to your computer to look at.

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