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  • Wednesday, January 20, 2016 4:08 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Dear Haysboro 

     Many people have brought to my attention that a lobby group is hosting a “Community Information Forum” on the SW Transitway BRT project this week.

     I want to clarify that this is not a City of Calgary sanctioned event and is not representative of the work the SW Transitway team is doing. 

     The project team has and will continue to be engaged with all stakeholders along the transitway route. The project is now in the detailed design phase. In this phase, the project team is working with stakeholders to get their feedback and input into the design. This then informs the design work which will be presented back to the community.

     Background, facts and other project details can be found on the City’s SW Transitway BRT Project website.

     It is anticipated that the SW Transitway project team will be hosting information sessions in the coming months. Please stay tuned, as my office will be letting you know about the information session dates. 

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch with my office about this, or any other issue.




    Councillor, Ward 11
    The City of Calgary
    403-268-5056 (Office)
    403-268-8091 (Fax)
    Mail Code: 8001A

  • Wednesday, December 09, 2015 3:09 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Dear Haysboro 


    I’ve heard a lot of questions and concerns on the Southwest (SW) Transitway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)project. My office is in close contact with the Transit Team as well as Community Associations as this project progresses. I want to take the opportunity to address some of the misinformation currently in circulation. Please read below, and my FAQ Sheet on the SW Transitway BRT.

    Project Information

     The SW Transitway is about improving transit for SW Calgary communities. I put forward the Notice of Motion to address the communities south of the Glenmore Reservoir that are significantly underserved by transit. I have been talking about this project throughout the communities for the past five years, as this is a solution towards getting people out of SW Calgary in a more effective and efficient way, whether you take transit or not.

     The project is not widening or expanding 14thStreet. It will remain a six lane arterial roadway, with the same speed limits. The SW BRT project is about reconfiguring 14th Street so that busses will be out of traffic. The project is within the existing road right of way. No parks will be impacted; however, some grass boulevards will be impacted, as they are in the road right of way.

     The project is scheduled to begin construction in 2016 and is expected to take two years to build, connecting Woodbine to the Downtown. There are no parking lots, park n’ rides, or bus depots planned along the route.

     The transitway anticipates removing up to 10,000 vehicles from the 14th Street corridor leading to a decrease in noise and air pollution. As well, the City is purchasing natural gas buses which will further reduce air pollution not just on the 14th street corridor, but across the city.

     The Ring Road is designed as a car and truck route to bypass southwest Calgary, and as such will not have transit on it. It won’t do anything towards improving transit for SW Calgary. So, the SW Transitway and the SW Ring Road are serving different people and meeting completely different needs and demands. They are complementary to each other.


     When funding was secured in September, the Transit Team was able to move forward with more engagement and the detailed project design. In this phase of work, the Transit Team is and will continue to engage with stakeholders. They are taking away this information and working to incorporate it into the detailed designs plans.

    Next Steps 

     The Transit Team will hold more information sessions in Q1 of the New Year. As we receive further information and updates, we will be sure to share it with you. Subscribe to Ward 11 updates to stay connected



    Brian Pincott

    Ward 11

    Sign up for our newsletter at

    Twitter: @bpincott



  • Monday, November 09, 2015 3:43 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Dear Haysboro


    I wanted to update everyone on the Southwest Transitway Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) project, which looks like it is finally moving forward.


    In 2010, the City held a series of public engagement sessions to gather citizen input on this proposed southwest BRT system. The transition from regular bus service to BRT service takes place when a number of conditions exist including: high ridership; supportive travel patterns (common origins/destinations on major travel corridors); supportive land use; and the need to move citizens quickly and more reliably than regular bus service can accommodate. A functional planning study was commissioned, and approved by Council in 2011.


    Council directed administration to apply for dedicated funding for this project under the Government of Alberta’s GreenTRIP program. This September 2015, funds were granted by the provincial government for this important traffic-reducing BRT line. The City held two information sessions on the SW Transitway (called a Transitway to distinguish it from existing BRT’s) and the SW Ring Road on October 27th and October 29th. Unfortunately, the announcement of receiving this GreenTRIP funding arrived after the deadline for community newsletter submissions, but the Transportation Department did communicate the information sessions to the Community Associations and by placing neon bold signs in the affected communities.


    The bus stops largely overlap with pre-existing transit stops, especially from downtown to 14th Street SW and 75th Avenue SW. New stops will be introduced on 14th Street, which will align with major activity centres of Heritage Park, the Rockyview Hospital, and Glenmore Landing.


    Transitway lanes will be either added or dedicated to bus use only, as the goal of the project is to ensure a reliable travel time for communities south of the Glenmore Reservoir similar to what would be experienced on an LRT. In conjunction with the construction of the bus lanes on the west side of 14th Street, the Transportation Department is crafting options to streamline the flow of traffic along this corridor.


    I recognize that traffic volumes have been a serious issue in this corridor for years. Implementing a transitway allows the City of Calgary to effectively provide citizens with more options for getting around the city and getting cars off the road. This new transitway will help to relieve congestion, and connect all of you to major destinations in southwest Calgary and downtown.

    Construction is expected to begin in 2016, and completion is currently targeted for the end of 2018. As with all major projects, short-term inconveniences due to construction will occur. Transportation will be working on construction staging and traffic management plans to minimize impacts as much as possible.


    For maps and other detailed information, please visit www.calgary.ca/swtransitway.

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Please sign up to receive communications regarding this and other ward updates at www.ward11calgary.ca, or by emailing my office at ward11@calgary.ca. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @bpincott, or on Facebook at Brian Pincott, Councillor Ward 11.


    Brian Pincott
    Councillor, Ward 11
    The City of Calgary
    403-268-5056 (Office)
    403-268-8091 (Fax)
    Mail Code: 8001A


    To sign up for regular updates from the Ward 11 office regarding city related issues and community events, please visit the Ward 11 website.

  • Thursday, October 29, 2015 2:06 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    City of Calgary Content

    Here is a link to the December Community Newsletter Content:



    This month The City has information on:

    -Christmas Tree Recycling
    -Christmas events for citizens to enjoy
    -What The City offers during the winter season (safety tips, staying active, getting around the city etc.)
    -The City is looking for more Calgarians to join the Online Panel
    -New solar panels installed at City leisure centre

  • Thursday, October 01, 2015 12:31 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Bylaws related to snow and ice

    The City enforces bylaws related to snow and ice control on sidewalks. It is your responsibility to remove all snow and ice from sidewalks and pathways in front of or on the side of your property. Sidewalks and pathway surfaces should be bare and completely clear of snow and ice.

    Snow Angels

    Keeping sidewalks shoveled, ice-free and safe can be very challenging for older adults and other Calgarians who have limited mobility. Snow Angels is a campaign that encourages Calgarians to help neighbours in need with snow removal.

    Safe snow shoveling techniques

    • Space your hands on the shovel to increase leverage.
    • Stand with you feet apart, knees bent and back straight.
    • Place your front foot close to the shovel.
    • Put weight on your front foot. Step forward and use your legs to load a small amount of snow onto the shovel. Remember the wetter the snow, the heavier it is.
    • Lift with your legs; do not bend at the waist.
    • Keep the shovel close to your body.
    • Walk to where you want to dump the snow. Turn your feet in the direction you are throwing the snow. Do not twist the waist.
    • Pace yourself. Take appropriate rest breaks.
    • Apply road salt/de-icer wherever necessary.

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2015 10:59 AM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    SouthWest Communities Resource Centre

    Located in the Professional Wing of the Oakridge Co-Op Mall

    #42 2580 Southland Drive SW   T2V 4J8

    Phone: 403-238-9222   Email: info@swcrc.ca


    Parent Talk – Register Now

    Thursday mornings, September 24 – December 10 2015 at the SWCRC. Free child-minding, coffee and snacks. Parenting tip sheets and children’s books to take home.

    This free program is open to all parents of babies and young children.

    • ·         Enjoy the company and support of other parents
    • ·         Give your children some supervised play time
    • ·         Get your parenting questions answered with the help of facilitators from the Further Education Society
    • ·         Help your young children learn and develop their potential

    You can register and start the program anytime over the 12 weeks of the session. Attend as many weeks as you can. To register, call the SWCRC at 403-238-9222.

    SWCRC Volunteer Opportunity: Parenting Group Assistant

    SWCRC is expanding its parenting education programming. To support the participation of low income and socially isolated parents, we would like to offer free child care for the parents’ young children. As a member of our team of Parenting Group Assistants, you will care for the children by providing a safe, loving and fun environment in which to play, socialize and learn. The time commitment is approximately 2 ½ hours, 9:30 – noon, either Tuesdays or Thursdays.

    It takes a village to raise a child. Your passion for kids, and your desire to contribute your knowledge and experience towards a community effort to optimize children’s social, emotional and intellectual development, will inspire you to contact the SWCRC for more information about this important volunteer role. Call 403-238-9222 ext. 222.

    SWCRC Volunteer Opportunity: Board Member

    Are you looking for a way to get involved in addressing the social needs of vulnerable individuals and families living in your area? Do you have, or would you like to develop, knowledge and skills in the governance of a non-profit organization?  SWCRC is seeking Board members with skills and experience in the following areas: social work; early childhood development; parenting education; health; marketing and fund development. For more information, call 403-238-9222 ext. 222.

    Connecting you to the Resources you Need

    You live in one of the 28 communities served by the SWCRC. If you are in need of information or resources, or if you are facing a challenging situation of any kind and you aren’t sure how to move forward, please call us at 403-238-9222 to make an appointment with one of our Community Resource Workers.

    Our two Community Resource Workers are social workers who will:

    • ·         sit down and talk with you for an extended period of time
    • ·         provide supportive counselling
    • ·         help you assess your situation
    • ·         identify the strengths and resources you already have  
    • ·         provide information about, and referrals to, other available resources, programs and services
    • ·         help you “navigate the system”

  • Thursday, September 03, 2015 2:23 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Here is a direct link to the October Community Newsletter Content:


    This month The City has information on:

    • Secondary Suites- Development permit fees will be waived until March 2017
    • Implementation of a Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy
    • Leaf and pumpkin composting program will be open to citizens
    • Volunteer opportunity to be a member of one of the numerous boards
    • Calgary Afterschool program- a place for kids to go after school when parents are still at work


  • Monday, August 31, 2015 1:00 PM | Haysboro Office (Administrator)

    Are these your cats?  All kidding aside, these guys have been seen around Haysboro.  Recently on Haverhill.  BE Careful out there

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